Easter Bark

As it is Easter on Sunday and I will be spending it at my Aunt and Uncles house with the rest of my family, I was trying to think of something festive that I could bring as a gift.  Since I have to travel via airplane, I had to think of something that travels well and will make it there in tact.  Thus I turned to the tried and tested chocolate bark again!Easter Bark

I made chocolate bark previously as a gift for my grandmother’s birthday and you can find the detailed post on how to make it here. However for Easter I have tweaked the recipe and decided to use white chocolate instead of dark. I also switched out the nuts and dried fruit for jellybeans, Smarties and mini marshmallows.


I think it has turned out really well and looks very colorful and bright which is perfect for Easter and spring.  I have already tried a little, and wow does it taste good!  And what I love is the mix of textures you get from the melt in your mouth chocolate, the light marshmallows, the chewy jellybeans and the crunch from the Smarties

Bark in Tray

Trust me, these chocolate barks are the easiest and most effective gifts.  And as I said in the previous post, have fun playing around with different toppings and flavor combinations!

Broken Bark

Happy Easter! 

One Day At A Time

In today’s world we sometimes find ourselves rushing through life and moments, as well as focusing too much on the future. We all find ourselves forward thinking (which is good to some extent), planning, setting goals, and worrying about the future and the things we want to achieve. Whilst doing that we forget to live in the moment, and appreciate what we have now, today, in this moment. I for one often find myself stressing out and worrying about things in the future, especially things that I have no control over. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in ones own thoughts that we forget to just breathe, and return the the here and now.

That’s why I love the quote this week, it helps me to remember to just take every day, one day at a time, and to not worry about what’s to come, since life is unpredictable and you will never know for certain what’s going to happen.

Thus, take every day one day at a time; enjoy the roller coaster that life is! It’s all part of the journey to becoming the person you are meant to be and the life your meant to live. It’s not always going to be easy necessarily, since there are going to be low periods, anxious periods, fearful periods, etc., but if you spend your time dwelling on those negative times in the future and worrying about the things that have not yet happened, then you are going to have a miserable time now.

I am working hard to stop endlessly worrying and living in fear of things that could possibly happen, and instead focus on the positives of today. I am really starting to trust that everything happens for a reason and so whether it’s good or bad I believe that it fits into a bigger plan for my life, one day at a time!

VOGUE Festival 2014 – Part 3: My Outfits

As you can imagine, the Vogue Festival was full of beautifully and smartly (and sometimes strangely) dressed women and men. I knew that when I was packing for my trip to London for the festival I had to take much greater care in planning and packing outfits that would look nice, fresh, pretty and stylish. I wanted to make sure that I presented the best version of myself through my outfits and to show my personal style. I also told myself that if there was any occasion to really make sure you are dressed well, it’s one hosted by VOGUE & Harrods and attended by designers, bloggers, and other influential people in the fashion industry.

Thus here are my two outfits for those two amazing days:

Outfit Day 1

This outfit was simple and very comfortable yet still put together and stylish. Effortlessly chic is how I would describe this look. It’s actually my go to look, which is skinny pants, nice top and nice blazer/ jacket. With the outfit on the day I actually wore some pointy gold pumps by J Crew, but since I don’t have them with me at the moment I paired the outfit in the picture with some nude LK Bennett shoes. Which by the way is one of the most comfortable shoe brands in terms of heels. Kate Middleton wears them a lot for her events, so that says something!

day 1

Navy Top: Zara / Cream Woven Jacket: Zara / Dark Skinny Jeans: J Brand / Nude Shoes: LK Bennett

Outfit Day 2

For the second day I wanted to wear something a little brighter to fit in with spring and also because I love to wear pastel colors. Once again it’s a pretty simple outfit and super comfortable, however because of the lace detail on the top it made it a bit special and different.

Day 2

Baby Blue Lace Top: Zara / Grey Skinny Pants: Zara / Grey Pumps: LK Bennett / Blue Cross-body Bag: Kate Spade

Kate Spade Bag

I have found that one doesn’t have to be too complicated with what they wear and that sometimes. like Valentino said, simpler is actually better and classier. It was a pretty outfit and got lots of compliments as it really brought out the color in my eyes, so definitely will be wearing this color a lot during Spring and Summer!

VOGUE Sweatshirt

As I said in the first post, I did buy something at the VOGUE shop, and it was this light grey sweatshirt that has the logo on it and the festival logo on the bottom left.

Vogue Sweatshirt

To create a cute casual outfit for spring/summer with this sweatshirt I would pair it with a pair of boyfriend jeans or ripped shorts, with white pointed pumps. It’s perfect for those days, especially on the weekend, when you just don’t want to dress up too much yet still want to look nice and put together.


Anyway, I had fun preparing and styling my outfits for the weekend, and I felt confident and good in them. They worked perfectly for the festival and I will say that taking the time and making the effort it made it all more special!

VOGUE Festival 2014 – Part 2: Talk 6

A brief overview of the sixth talk from the Vogue Festival 2014 and the interesting things I learnt.  Enjoy!

Topic: Want to Work in Fashion?

Guest Speakers: Lisa Armstrong, fashion editor of The Telegraph; Sarah Burton, creative director at Alexander McQueen; Daniel Marks, director of The Communications Store; Alexandra Shulman, editor of Vogue; and Louise Wilson, course director at Central Saint Martin

Talk 6 - Fashion Masterclass

This talk was a much more informative talk for people who are interested in working in the fashion industry or interested in studying fashion.  The panel of guest speakers was an accomplished group of people, and it was great to hear their advice.

Talk 6 - The Experts

L-R: Lisa Armstrong, Louise Wilson, Daniel Marks, Alexandra Shulman, and Sarah Burton

Of all their advice, here are three key things (in my opinion) that they mentioned:

1) Kindness – being kind can go a long way in getting a job and working in fashion.  People will respond better to you and it’s a character trait that is completely undervalued according to Lisa Armstrong.

2) Work your way up – one clear message from all the speakers was that you have to work extremely hard to get where you want to be, and that it is no easy ride.  However what’s also important is that you cannot expect to just straight in at the top; that you have to be willing to do the lowest jobs on the totem pole first and then work your way up.  They might not be the most glamorous jobs but you will still learn something, plus you will be showing your superiors your work ethic, enthusiasm and drive.

3) Communication – how you communicate with people, especially via email and electronic means is extremely important since there is no tone and no body language to go along with the message.  Be formal, clear, to the point, and make sure that you communicate in a professional way. This will garner you much more respect, especially if you are looking to get a job. Thus they advised that one thinks carefully about how they come across in their emails. For example, Ms. Armstrong advised that you always begin professional emails with “dear”, as it will come across more professional and mature than “Hi (name).

Overall it was a good discussion and some great advice and tips were given, from the top people in their field. Here is the link for more  and the specific advice they mentioned during that talk: http://www.vogue.co.uk/special-events/vogue-festival-2014/vogue-festival-2014/sunday/the-vogue-fashion-masterclass

VOGUE Festival 2014 – Part 2: Talk 5

A brief overview of the fifth talk from the Vogue Festival 2014 and the interesting things I learnt.  Enjoy!

Topic: Fashion, Beauty and the Digital Revolution

Guest Speakers: Pixie Geldof, Mary Katrantzou, Miroslava Duma, and Nick Knight

Talk 5 - Digital

Miro Duma emphasized how everything in today’s world is becoming digital and that it’s extremely important to realize how much of an impact the digital world has on the fashion industry. She herself has created the company Buro 24/7 which publishes news about fashion globally around the clock.  It is through the digital platforms that she has been able to do this. She also understands how these digital platforms can give a voice to smaller designers, especially from former Soviet Union counties, which is a cause she is extremely passionate about.  This prompted the question from a group from the Philippines that I mentioned in the first post, as they wanted to learn how best to help young talent develop and grow, and Duma’s advise was to utilize the internet and social media platforms to spread the word.  In this day and age, its easier to get ones work out there, so the potential for new up and coming designers is growing.

L-R: Pixie Geldof, Mary Katrantzou, Miroslava Duma, and Nick Knight

L-R: Pixie Geldof, Mary Katrantzou, Miroslava Duma, and Nick Knight

I think that sometimes we forget just how powerful these tools can be and she reminded us all of that. Digital media is a way for brands to grow and interact with their customers and followers. But it’s also useful for those like me who want to become part of the fashion world through blogging, photography, etc.  According to Nick Knight, these platforms also provide us with a place to have proper discussions and debates about fashion in a way that could never have been done before, since it used to be such a closed world.  It’s though the digital revolution that the world of fashion is opening up so that more and more people can be involved and take part in these discussions. Hell just look at what I am doing, right now, it’s because of the digital platforms that I am able to write and post my thoughts on things to do with fashion.

Thus digital media is something that should be embraced by all in the fashion industry, as it’s the way of the future and one doesn’t want to be left behind. I mean even Valentino has Instagram!

Find link to Vogue’s official review here!