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For a Crisis Management Team (CMT) to be effective, they must know their roles and responsibilities, have a clearly defined assessment process and know how to develop a plan of action. We have helped develop and refine CMTs for companies in four continents – let us help you develop yours. Businesses defend against unending attempts to steal their computer data or damage their systems. Few, however, have serious plans for how they will respond to the impact of an actual breach. Exercises force real-time decision-making and actions. Check out our new Cyber Breach Exercise design book! - A well designed exercise is the single most effective way to see if your plans are complete and your teams know what to do. Exercises are the most important aspect of your work and will give you the highest returns. We are experts in exercise design and facilitation, let us help you. - There are many diseases to capture your attention: SARS, MERS, Zika, Ebola, or Pandemic Influenza. But with common illnesses like measles, mumps and whooping cough now on the rebound, you have more opportunities to use an Infectious Disease Plan than ever before. We can help. We are experts in all of the aspects of Business Continuity Management (BCM). So whether it is Emergency Response, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Incident (Crisis) Management or BCM Program Governance, we can help you build or refine your BCM program.

Wall Murals WallPaper 126 Bookcase 3D Decal Summer AU WallPaper 97282ickt22517-Wallpaper Murals

The Chinese word for “crisis” is composed of two characters. The first character means “danger” and the second means “opportunity.” To use a crisis constructively in our lives, we must see both the danger and the opportunity that are always present. Emergency Management and Safety Solutions has been an industry leader since 1982, providing emergency management consulting and project services to a wide range of industries, companies, and not-for-profit organizations. Whether it be a disaster or a safety concern, Emergency Management & Safety Solutions will assist you in turning that situation into a stepping-stone that leads to opportunity.

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The new McAfee Labs 2019 Threats Predictions Report is just out
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The Golden Hour – How Will You Spend Yours?
September 19, 2018
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Are you ready for your breach? If not, get prepared by conducting a cyber breach exercise
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Regina Phelps is an excellent presenter with great content. She always does interesting and thoughtful presentations.

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Regina is consistently one of the most informative, clear headed and down to earth presenters. Her talks are high-value. Her manner is consummately professional. Her professionalism is something we should all aspire to.

Regina provides great insight into the many risks we take, often unknown, that threaten our work environment. Great session.

Always enjoy and look forward to hearing Regina speak. She has so much knowledge and enthusiasm. She is contagious. I can’t wait to go back and implement some of her ideas!!

Wall Murals WallPaper 126 Bookcase 3D Decal Summer AU WallPaper 97282ickt22517-Wallpaper Murals

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Regina’s workshop was extremely interesting and timely. She is always an authority on BCP topics. I always look for her sessions.

Regina’s passion for EM shows through in presentations and inspires attendees into action. Great presenter and orator. Thanks, great work!!

This was awesome! Learned bundles. Regina is great. Loved attending her sessions.

Both my colleague and myself enjoyed Regina Phelps’ seminar on Pandemic Planning. When I grow up and become a Business Continuity Manager, I want to be just like her!

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