National Candy Month


Much to my delight it was a great surprise to discover that June is the national candy month.  What a perfect reason to go out and enjoy your favorite candy (or sweets as the English say).  I definitely plan to!

Candy Stall...heaven
Candy Stall…heaven

Candy is something that I absolutely love and always have done. To me there can never be too much candy! If there were one thing I could eat as much as I want of and never gain weight I would choose candy, no question.

Such beautiful and bright colors!
Such beautiful and bright colors!

First of all candy is colorful, and as a self proclaimed color lover, every time I see the bright vibrant or soft pastel colors of candy it brings a smile to my face.  And then lets not forget about the taste.  Granted it is sugar, so naturally it will taste good, but each candy tastes so different and the power the taste has to conjure up memories from different times in your life is what I find so magical about it.  For example every time I have gummy bears I will always be reminded of the summer my family and cousins spent at a cottage in Canada, where we had this huge bag of gummy bears from Costco and we were allowed a ration each a day.  It’s amazing how such happy memories come from just eating a gummy bear.

Classic Gummy Bears
Classic Gummy Bears

So what is my favorite candy? Well I love anything gummy (both sour and not sour) but if I had to choose just one I think it would have to be gummy bears.  They are a classic and each packet comes in a variety of colors and flavors already, which I like.  Also it’s the first candy I can really remember from childhood, especially when I lived in Germany and so it’s stuck.

Rainbow Gummy Bear Selection
Rainbow Gummy Bear Selection

Today we have moved beyond the basic 5 flavors & colors (raspberry, orange, lemon, pineapple, and strawberry) and you can now buy gummy bears in flavors such as Pina Colda, watermelon, peach and grape. So now, I can have gummy bears in even more flavors and colors.  Who wouldn’t want to enjoy these cheerful little treats?


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