Pastel Marshmallow Popcorn Mix


I love baking and cooking! So whenever I get a chance I like to use my cooking skills to create something delicious in the kitchen.  However, as I am currently travelling and only have the basics in my hotel apartment kitchen, I am limited as to what I can do when the baking itch hits! I wanted to make something but I also didn’t want to buy big bags of flour, sugar, vanilla, etc., for just one use. Then it occurred to me, I could make one of my favorite sweet snack mixes that’s colorful, fun and delicious…Popcorn mix!

Now I have chosen this time to just use the colorful mini marshmallows but of course you could also mix in any kind of nuts (peanuts are especially good) or m&m’s which add some crunch and some more color.  That’s what I love about this recipe, it’s so flexible and yet it always tastes amazing.  Be careful though, it’s impossible to have just one little piece because it’s so addictive!

It’s a great mix to make if you just want a sweet treat for yourself, but it can also make great gifts if you put it in a nice jar, and it’s the perfect thing to have out for parties for your guests to nibble on.



1 bag of salted microwave popcorn

½ a bag of colorful mini marshmallows

2 bars of white chocolate (less if you want a thin coating)

(you can also add nuts, m&m’s, or colored sprinkles)

The ingredients
The ingredients (I didn’t use the sprinkles this time)


Parchment paper

Microwaveable bowl

Large mixing bowl

Large spoon

Display bowl or jar


Step 1. Pop the microwave popcorn according to instructions on the packet and leave on the side to cool.

Step 2. On a piece of parchment or a tray, break the mini marshmallows apart so that they are separated from one another (especially since they can be quite sticky).  This helps to minimize clumps when they are mixed with the chocolate and popcorn.

Step 3. In the large bowl mix together the popcorn and the marshmallows until its well combined.

Step 4. Into a microwavable bowl break up the chocolate bars into smaller pieces.  This will help them melt faster.  Place the bowl in the microwave for 30-second intervals, taking it out after each to stir the chocolate.  Continue with the intervals until the chocolate is all melted, which shouldn’t take more than a couple minutes maximum. (Be careful with white chocolate as it can quickly become overdone.)

 Step 5. Pour the melted chocolate over the popcorn and marshmallow mix and use a large spoon to mix it all together so that everything has an even coating of chocolate.

Step 6. Place a piece of parchment paper on the counter or on a baking tray and empty the mix onto it.  Spread the mix out so that it is a thin layer (this ensures that it hardens faster).

 Step 7. Once the mix has hardened and is easy to handle, break into bite sized chunks and place in your display bowl.  Voila!



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