Christian Louboutin

Christian-Louboutin-LogoChristian Louboutin, the genius behind the most iconic shoes in the world! His red-soled shoes are some of the most famous shoes in the world and are desired by almost every woman.  And why not, because the way he designs his shoes is specifically to enhance a woman’s form.

This is all completely true, beautiful shoes really can turn any day around!

What is there that can be said about him other than to praise his designs and understanding of how to make women’s feet (and legs for that matter) look their absolute best.  He takes great care in designing his shoes.  Unlike other brands, he has designed his shoes so that the arch is curved in just the right way so that it makes women’s legs look amazing.  Try on a pair of Louboutin heels and then some other random pair of heels and you notice the difference instantly.  You will never want to go back to your old shoes again after you see how good you look in his shoes.


There is an element of sexiness that comes from the red sole of Louboutin’s shoes.  Whenever you see someone wearing a pair of Louboutin heels, it instantly changes ones perception of that person.  Even Louboutin said that his shoes give “the green light to be adventurous, seductive and above all, passionate.”  And I have to agree with him, when I put one of my pairs on, its like you suddenly feel a little more powerful, daring and confident than when I am wearing any other shoes.  Its kind of like you have this hidden secret on your soles, that only people who watch you from behind will catch a glimpse of. This then triggers them to think, ‘who is that girl in the red soled shoes?’

Love these!
Love these!

 As for comfort however, this is not really a top priority for him, as his job is to make beautiful shoes, not comfortable ones.  One of my favorite things he has said was in response to the question “How do you respond to the women who say a 5-inch platform is impossible to walk in?”, to which he replies Don’t wear my shoes to cross 25 city blocks. These heels are candy for the feet; they’re for pleasure, not practicality.” And that’s exactly it; these are not the shoes that you spend all day walking around a city in (unless you take a lot of cabs and sit down a lot), they are actually intended to bring beauty to the woman who is wearing them.

Christian Louboutin fashion quote


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