images_ink_ColorBoxWheelAs I have said before, I love all things colorful.  It has been something I have loved since childhood starting when I was a little girl, where for Halloween I wanted to be a rainbow, so my mom made me this rainbow costume. Not the typical Halloween costume but supposedly I was always drawing rainbows and wanted things as colorful as possible.  And to this day I always make sure that when I get dressed, that I have at least one colorful thing on me, even if I am wearing an all black or white outfit, I will add some pop of color through accessories.  It’s something that brings a little brightness to my day, even on the days when I am not feeling at my best.

What I have noticed over the years is that color is one of those powerful things in this world.  Colors can have a big impact you, your emotions, your mood and your general outlook on things. But color doesn’t just have an impact on people; it can also be used to explain people and their behaviors.

This leads me to this wonderful colorscope chart by Paper Source that I found. What you do is you scan the chart and see which color(s) you are drawn to, and once you have chosen your favorite colors, you read the short description underneath.  Each description is of personality traits that are associated with that color.  The point of it all is to see whether the colors that you are drawn to, are because they match your personality and behavioral traits.

Colorscope Chart

I found that for me it was completely accurate, as my favorite color is Bluebell, and after having read the description, I think it describes me perfectly. What’s more the actual color is completely in line with this blog and the color palette I always tend to revert back to with all things in my life.  Pretty neat!

This is so me!

 I find it pretty cool how this chart works, and how through this exercise you can quickly and easily get a deeper understanding of a person. Give it a go and see what you can discover about yourself and others!



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