The Key to Change

While I didn’t quite manage to get this done on Sunday since I was having too much fun (post soon to come). However I thought that one-day after wouldn’t matter.  I didn’t want to miss a week because they really help me put things in perspective and figure things out in the mess we call life. So here is this week’s food for thought:

1000832_535417936506571_674014073_nChange is something that I absolutely hate and try to avoid as much as possible, whether it be moving or with relationships.  It is not an easy thing for anyone to go through because it can feel like your whole world has shifted beneath you and you have to try and figure everything out all over again. It takes a lot of strength and energy to go through change and still come out on the other side as strong or stronger than you were before. I am mainly referring to things that affect us personally as this kind of change has the biggest impact on us and our lives.

So to tie this in with the quote in the image, the reason people don’t like change is because it brings with it new unknowns and unfamiliar things.  Not many people like to be thrown out of their comfort zones, and that is why we fear it so much.  Therefore as it says, in order for anyone to cope with change, they have to let go of the fear surrounding it and learn to be ok with the fact that you don’t know what will happen.

This is a skill that I am only now starting to learn, and I can tell you it is not easy at all, it takes a lot of work.   There are certain things in my life that are completely unknown and unfortunately I cannot plan (even though I have tried).  Also I am now and will be in the future, facing a lot of change in all areas of my life, and I am trying to let go of my fears and try to embrace it rather than fight it. That’s really the only way to successfully cope with it all, and somewhere along the way you will find your new comfort-zone.


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