The Color Run


Ever heard of the happiest 5K in the world?  Neither had I until earlier this year when I stumbled upon an article talking about this run in the US called The Color Run and I became curious.  Basically the concept is that every runner starts the race in all white, and then as they run the course, at every kilometer the volunteers throw a different colored powder at you so that by the end you are covered in a variety of different colors, like a rainbow.  It’s a relaxed run where you don’t have to be an avid runner (thank goodness!), since you can walk, run, dance, skip, or cartwheel the course.

Getting colored at the color station
Post run everyone is covered in different colors.

Well since I found the article I was constantly checking to see if it was coming to my city and sure enough, in May they announced that it was going to be held in my city.  I got very excited and immediately signed up and got my siblings to do the same, making it a family outing. I kept watching the videos and was looking forward to it with every new Facebook post made by the Color Run.  Before I knew it the date had arrived for the run and oh my god it was FUN!!

Sea of white before the race

It was a beautiful sunny day and luckily it was a late start in the day so had the morning to rest and prep.  You get sent your white t-shirt and headband so that everyone looks the same at the start of the race.  When you arrive at the venue, or even on the way to the venue, you start to see more and more people wearing the color run t-shirts and it’s quite overwhelming and exciting.  Suddenly you feel you can talk to all these new people so easily since you are all in this together. There’s a common interest and it breaks down the barriers we normally have towards strangers.


The race itself was really relaxed and the color stations were such fun that the race participants start rolling around on the floor to get more covered in color and it’s like a mini party at every kilometer.  Then when you cross the finish line you get given an individual pack of the colored powder and you go join the Color Festival.

Post race drink and color pack
Post race drink and color pack
Post run festival stage. This guy is the founder of The Color Run.
Post run festival stage. This guy is the founder of The Color Run.

This is where they play music and it becomes a big party where everyone who has finished the run joins in to have a good time.  Every 15 minutes they do the color throw which is there is a count down and at the end you jump around in time with the music and throw the contents of your color packet in the air to create the most amazing colored cloud above the festival.

Color throw!
Color throw!


The music plays and plays and you just dance with everyone else around you.  Everyone is covered in all sorts of colors and it’s a mess, but the most fun I have had in a long time.  You don’t care how you look and you just thoroughly enjoy yourself and forget about all your worries and concerns.  In that moment, that’s all you know, that happiness and pure fun that is such a rare feeling in this world.

The massive party at the end is one of the best parts!

The whole experience of this run was absolutely fantastic.  And a great thing is that the one I did was in support of cancer, so you are even giving back while having fun.  But as someone who doesn’t really run at all, I can say I would definitely do this again and am recommending it to everyone I know.  They have now expanded outside of the US and are now doing Color Runs all over the world. It is definitely worth checking out!


I took part in the Happiest 5K in the world and it was a highlight of my year!


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