What does your favorite ice cream flavor say about you?

31_flavors_baskin_robbinsWell I knew that a persons favorite colors can be used to explain their personality type (see my post on this called Colorscope), but I never thought that the flavor of ice cream you like could also explain your personality.  Obviously I knew that there are certain stereotypes around people who choose either chocolate, strawberry or vanilla as their favorite.  Such as people who choose vanilla tend to be a bit boring and undeceive.  But what about all the crazy other flavors we now have to choose from.

Well Baskin Robbins commissioned a study into whether a person’s choice of ice cream flavor had anything to do with their personality.  And below are the results. I think it’s a really cool and fun way to learn more about our personalities and how this impacts our behaviors, such as which ice cream flavor we choose.


The flavor I would choose out of the 10 listed there would be the Pralines’N Cream because I love nuts, I love caramel, and it’s a great salty-sweet mix.  So reading the personality types underneath, sure enough they explain me pretty well: Loving, Supportive and Avoid Spotlight.  I find this kind of stuff so fascinating and especially when it does correctly explain you.

What does your choice of ice cream say about you?


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