Who’s Worth Your Tears?

259660734736127775_qdICP58g_cEveryone in life, whether they want it or not, will have people who disappoint and hurt them.  Unfortunately it’s one of those horrible aspects of life that we all have to go through.  I know I have had my fair share of people disappointing me, lying to me, gossiping about me, using me, and leaving me out. It hurts, it really does, and it doesn’t get any easier as time goes on.  In fact I find it worse when you are older because I can’t believe that adults still choose to act like kids do in middle school and high school.

So how does one determine who is worth crying over and shedding those tears.  Well initially everyone will cause you to cry, that’s just a natural thing since it can really hurt.  But then comes the hard part, deciding whom you will continue to shed you tears over and who to finally let go and/or ignore.

For me I think it depends on what the person has done and to the level at which it effected me.  But I have come to realize that even though I care about these people in my life, if they are capable and willing to treat me like this then they are not worth my time or tears anymore. That’s the theory, but the practical application of that is completely different. It’s a hard lesson to learn and I have not yet mastered it properly.  Sometimes it’s not always possible to move on from the negative people in one’s life, but it is definitely something worth working towards. The less you care and can realize that these are not people worth having as part of your life the happier you will become and will learn who are the ones you are worth those tears.


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