It’s Ok Not to Be Perfect

Its ok not to be perfect

‘Mistakes’, such an ugly word and one that from as a child we hate to use because you know that you have messed up somehow.  But what we tend to forget is that just because you make a mistake it isn’t the end of the world. And like the quote above says, its ok not to be perfect all the time.  We are human at the end of the day and whatever mistake we make or when do something we wished we hadn’t done, it teaches us a lesson.  As long as you make sure you to really learn from them, they can be classified as learning experiences rather than the negative word ‘mistake’.

I for one am guilty of wanting to be perfect all the time and feeling like I fail when I make a mistake or do something I regret. Sometimes these experiences can really feel like they are testing you and you feel knocked completely off balance.  But what I have realized, and especially this week, that by going through these experiences and making mistakes, I have learnt so much more about myself, how I tick and my inner strength. I truly believe that I have grown from the mistakes I have made in the past and recently. And while it still sucks and you feel bad for not living up to the desire to be perfect, I understand why we have to go through them.

What I have learnt is that a mistake does not define you if you handle it right and choose to accept it and move on with life.


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