Just Breathe

So I know that last week I didn’t manage to get anything up on Sunday or much else posted the last couple of weeks. Life has been rather crazy and hectic at the moment, with a lot of work, many things coming to an end, establishing and solidifying new relationships, and I am in the midst of a big international move. It’s been quite time consuming and finding time to even sleep is a challenge! haha

Thus when taking all those things in combination, things are rather crazy at the moment and that’s why I currently love this quote. I, like most women, have a tendency to seriously over-think just about everything. I often scrutinize every angle of a situation and thus it’s a major source of unnecessary stress. Unfortunately when one over-thinks it does become obsessive naturally because you are obsessing over tiny details, which most of the time have no special meaning and are only made a bigger deal when we don’t take it at face value.


But it’s not just the overthinking, it’s that I will often just sit and day-dream and imagine how good things could be or how I wish they were different. It’s such a bad habit because just because you wish something, does not mean that it will happen. It sets you up for disappointment when it’s about something in your life that you have no control over.

That’s the key thing here with this quote… Control. We have to learn to let go and trust that things will work out ok in the end. And things happen for a reason, so while we may not like it initially, if we have faith that it’s for the better it makes letting go easier.

Now this is obviously easier said than done.  But taking the time each day to just breathe and let go of every worry, concern and thought will be so invigorating. Having faith and letting go of trying to control everything will allow for you to live in the moment and enjoy it!


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