Channeling Your Inner Duchess


Everyone has to have an idol, someone who they look up to and want to emulate, and for me it’s the Duchess of Cambridge (aka. Kate Middleton).  I admit it; I am a huge fan of her and love seeing what new fashionable thing she is wearing.

But I look up to her for more reasons that just her amazing fashion sense. I think she is one of the most respectable, hardworking, poised, graceful, and glamorous yet down to earth women in the world right now.  She is an excellent role model for girls everywhere.  Just watch the ways she treats people and greets all the people, young and old, who have come out to see her. She is polite but you can see the warmth in how she speaks to them and I am sure she makes the person she is talking to feel very special and that they are the center of the world at that moment.  This is a skill that is not easily mastered and yet she makes it look effortless.

The duchess looking fully engaged in conversation.
The duchess looking fully engaged in conversation.

So when I have any kind of formal event, or meeting or am just meeting new people, I always try to channel my own inner duchess and think about how she would handle the situation.  It helps me to always make sure that I am polite, warm and friendly. Thinking about how she would act helps give me the inner strength to go into these social situations with confidence and it helps brings out the best side of myself.

And even in situations where I may not be interested at all in what the person I am talking to is saying, I will act as if I am extremely interested.  Its not to be mean or fake, but its because if you make the person who you are speaking to feel special, and listened to, it can really make someone’s day and it’s often so appreciated.  And that’s what Kate does, she meets hundreds of people and yet never falters and takes everything in her stride, and people love her for it.


It’s all about having manners and etiquette, which are slowly becoming more and more scarce in todays society.  And you know what, people really will respect you more for behaving and acting with grace, dignity and kindness.  And as I said, I truly believe Kate is the ideal role model for this, no matter what lifestyle or background you come from, you too can act like she does.  There’s a little duchess in each of us, and harnessing this will put you ahead of the other people crowd.

The Duchess greeting some kids.
The Duchess greeting some kids.


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