Comfort Zone


Can’t believe another week has flown by, one that has been crazy, unforgettable, sad, and filled with experiences I will never forget. And this quote sums it all up pretty well!

As humans we like to stay in our comfort zones because of that one reason, that it is comfortable and familiar.  However, how can things get better or how can you get all that you want in life if you’re stuck in the same bubble day in and day out? At times it takes a lot of courage and some bravery to step outside of this comfort zone, but when you do, the best things could happen to you.

I experienced that this week, and while it was scary at the time I am so glad I pushed myself to make that step outside my comfort zone. And you know what, I got what I had wanted for so long.  It’s definitely not easy but I choose to believe that the results will be worth it in the end.


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