Strength, Beauty and Pain


In today’s world, it is still not socially acceptable to show your emotions, feelings or say when you are in pain, mainly emotionally but also sometimes physically.  Why this is so I don’t quite understand but it puts a lot of pressure onto people to hide what is going on with them, which I can tell you can be utterly exhausting.

Thus as it says in the quote, it takes a strong person to be able to hide that pain, pick themselves up and get on with what needs to be done.  Now I am not saying this is always possible and that anyone who can’t do it is weak, as I think everyone has those low days where they can’t do anything and just need to keep to themselves and that’s perfectly okay.   But what I think this quote is pertaining to is the public image we present to the world, which is that you are completely fine and nothing is wrong.  This takes a lot of strength to just absorb the pain and make everyone believe that things are going well.

That’s why I love the analogy with the stilettos.  Any woman who has worn high heels knows just how painful they are while wearing them, but also after from the blisters and the soreness on the balls of the feet.  Despite this pain, we know how beautiful they look and so we take the pain in our stride for the price of looking good.  And when it comes to emotional pain it’s the same, we make sure that at the end of the day all you see if the beauty of the person, not the pain they are suffering within.

Therefore, just because someone may look like nothing is wrong, it is sometimes not in fact the truth. So watch out for any small hints or clues that they are hiding their pain (they are always there but very subtle), and then provide them with support and reassurance that it’s ok to let people know when their hurting. Otherwise how will we ever be able to change how society reacts to people letting their pain show?


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