Remember Your Value

Remember your value

Wise words that sum up the last couple weeks of my life and I know will be applicable for the next few weeks too.

Too easily we get absorbed by what other people think of us and what we do, that we begin to care too much about their opinion rather than our own.  We too easily lose sight of the fact that what matters most at the end of the day is how we see ourselves.

I know that I for one have let the way people have treated me lately dictate what my self-worth is.  However I have come to realize that my value is much higher than how they were making me feel, and that even if people are acting like jerks or just childish and immature, it’s more a reflection on them than on me and my value.

Thus remember to always value yourself highly … your accomplishment, skills, personality … the whole you! People will treat you badly from time to time, thus you can begin to learn that since you know your own value, you know that you deserve much better and that’s what you go out in search for.


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