Desk Decor

Clean, elegant and sophisticated desk decor
Clean, elegant and sophisticated desk decor

Starting new at anything is a difficult thing, and this is especially true when you begin working for the first time or when starting at a new company. You may be given a cubicle, a desk in a shared office, your own office, or even just your own home office, but with all of these they are the same cold spaces with nothing to distinguish them from any other bog standard office.  That is where personal touches become so important in order to help you ease into the job, but that also help you to feel comfortable in the new environment. Making your working space your own is not only fun but can make coming to work every day a little nicer.

Candy pot on my desk
Candy pot on my desk

The first thing I did during my first week of my new job was to buy myself a pretty glass pot, (which kind of looks like a circus tent as you can see in the picture). I decided to fill it with my favorite candy, gummy bears! (See previous post here). I was inspired by the old show Ally McBeal, where on Ally’s desk always sat a bowl filled with jelly beans, and I just thought how cool and pretty the splash of color looked, and ever since I saw the show I knew that was what I wanted to have on my own desk one day.  And I know that it can be very dangerous to have candy on your desk all the time but what I realized is that in that 4pm slump, you just need a small pick-me-up; plus it helps me to work on my will power so that I only eat a couple if I really need them; not all at once.

However it is not just for the sugar boost that I have this candy pot on my desk, it’s also because it looks nice, adds a little color and makes a boring plain desk a little more appealing.  When you realize that you will be spending at least 8.5 hours of your day there during the week, why would you not want to make it your own.

Types of desk accessories
Types of desk accessories

Thus there are different types of things you can put on your desk. Of course it depends on what your company’s policy is about desk space, but for the most part as long as it’s clean and tidy most things should be fine.  You could put glass jars/pots filled with any kind of food or treat (healthy – ex. almonds or unhealthy – ex. Jelly beans), a candle, you could have a small vase of silk flowers, a pretty glass or cup that you can put things like pens/pencils, some silver picture frames and finally a beautiful small tray that can hold all the little items but still keeps everything neat and tidy.

Example of a shared office desk decor
Example of a shared office desk decor

I have started with the glass pot, but my plan is to add more of such personal items over time that really make me feel I’m in an work environment that not only suites me but that also stimulates me; both of which are conducive to being the most productive.



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