Fall Coat


With the weather changing so quickly, it is that time of year to buy a new coat for the fall.  I don’t often buy a lot of new coats because I am happy to wear the same ones every year since I have always chosen classic styles that don’t go out of fashion.  This year however I have gone for something different because I fell in love with it the moment I saw it online. I found this coat at French Connection and loved the buttons, the flare of the skirt and the girly and warm color.


The coat really reminds me of the Kate Middleton style and so of course I could definitely see myself wearing it before I even bought it.  It’s so feminine and pretty, and has been tailored so that it really fits a woman and is very flattering. It also reminds me of the 1950s in a way with the fuller skirt at the bottom of the coat and I love how it moves when I strut down the sidewalk.


In the fall and wintertime you end up wearing your coat all the time over your fun fashionable outfits that no one really sees anymore.  Thus, your coat can be the statement piece, which is what this coat is for me.  When people see me on the street I present this image of myself that is poised (because I automatically stand up straighter and prouder in this coat for some reason),  but also elegant, sophisticated and a real lady.  This coat was made for me!


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