Letting Go and Moving on


I think that I am finally ready to write this post.  It’s been too hard to do until now and it still isn’t anywhere near being easy but I am slowly coming to accept the fact that I have to let go and forget about what’s gone.  For too long I have been in denial, but now I am at a stage where I need to and am ready to move on.

My life has felt like it was literally flipped upside down in the last 6 weeks, there were some really amazing and happy times and then some times that weren’t.  People have come and gone in my life so quickly that it was like in a blink of an eye, and I wasn’t ready for it to just fade away into nothingness.  So like many people I tried to hold onto the past, the experiences, the people, everything, but it was only causing me a lot of heartache and pain and I knew that the only way I would be able to move on in my life would be to do as this quote says.

Thus I am now in a place of letting go, appreciating all that I have at the moment and getting excited about the new things coming next.  While the past has been filled with happiness and sadness, the future looks even more promising than it ever did before.  Most importantly I have taken the lessons from my past and am actually learning from them.  We all don’t go through rough times for nothing, they are there to teach us things about ourselves and other people, but in particular our own strength and what our level of determination is in order to achieve the life you have always dreamt about.

So let go of what’s happened in the past that you cannot change, embrace what you have at this moment, and look forward to and get excited about things yet to come.  Life will be a rollercoaster, but just keep looking ahead because that’s where are the new thrilling adventures lie!


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