Fall To-Do List

Fall/Autumn for some reason gives everyone the feeling of a new start.  Fall is when a new year of school/university starts, or when many people start a new job and life begins again after summer holidays. In the world of fashion, September is the equivalent of January in the calendar year, that is why magazines like Vogue and InStyle print issues that resemble books during that month.  September is the time of year to try new things, either in terms or fashion or something else you have wanted to do.


I think this feeling comes from the fact that growing up we as kids always started a new year in school/university at this time of year, so we have become accustomed to it being our new beginning.  And for me, well I started at my new job in September so I still have the same feeling, and it definitely feels like a new and fresh start, more so than in January after the new year!

That is why I have decided to make a Fall To Do list of all the fun things that I want to do, start doing or just try out, especially now that my life has settled down a bit.  By writing these things down it gives me the motivation to actually accomplish them so that I can cross them off the list (which I find extremely satisfying).

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 13.18.55

So here is my list:

  1. Host a housewarming party
  2. Make soups and freeze individual portions
  3. Drink a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte
  4. Get a full body massage
  5. Go to Paris for the day
  6.  Go out for a cocktails night
  7. Bake healthy gluten free pumpkin muffins
  8. Take more pictures
  9. Buy fresh flowers once a week
  10. Create a fitness & healthy eating plan that works for me

Now go and make your own list!  It doesn’t need to be long or complicated, you choose how hard or easy you want the tasks to be, but make sure they are fun and make you happy.  Start your “new year” off right! Take control and responsibility for your own life and happiness!


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