Suprise Unforeseen Events


About a week ago I arrived back after an amazing trip to one of my favorite places in the world, Dubai (more on the city to come in another post).  Once again I left having experienced some totally unexpected yet completely wonderful events.  It happened before, during the summer when I was there and suffice it to say that some things happened that changed my outlook on life, the way I was living and what I was missing out on.  I was caught out completely by surprise as it was the last thing I had expected to happen there, but they really did make me feel so alive and it changed me for the better.

And then last weekend I had another unforeseen event, different from the one in the summer but it too left me thinking about my life, career, and where I am headed.

In life there will be many rough times, many heartbreaks, and moments you wish you could forget, thus as everyone knows life is not easy to begin with without adding things like careers and jobs into the mix.  But that is why it’s so crucial for people to find something that they are passionate about and have a real interest in so that they can achieve the happiness and the fulfillment that comes from doing a job that they love. I think one of the worst things is to be stuck in a job or place that makes you so unhappy because it ends up affecting every other aspect of your life, and it especially puts a lot of strain on family, friends, and relationships.

So what does this have to do with my surprise event in Dubai?  Well I reconnected with someone who I have not seen in over 6 years, completely out of the blue. When we started talking I saw them become extremely excited and talk so passionately about their entrepreneurial venture and what they were doing that the excitement started to rub off on me (and I don’t even have an interest in their industry!)  But it’s the vibe that they gave off and it makes you want to be around them, know more and just absorb the energy.  I felt reenergized myself by the end of the weekend and I realized how important it is to actually be excited about your career because it can make you feel so alive and happy.

Thus I have come back more determined than ever to find where my passion is and what exactly it is I want to do with my life.  I want to find my sense of purpose in what I do because I know that that is the key ingredient to becoming a great leader.  Someone who is passionate about what they do and through this passion can inspire other people to follow them is what makes a leader successful.

I went to Dubai with no expectations and nothing planned except the flights and the hotel, which gave me the freedom and flexibility to go with wherever the weekend took me and be pleasantly surprised along the way.  The surprise reconnection and the completely unpredictable events that took place have reignited the drive within myself and made me realize the importance of finding what makes me happy because that is what will make one feel alive and on top of the world!


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