Last Minute Christmas Gift: Hermès Twilly’s


Christmas is literally around the corner and it’s that time of year for the mad last minute shopping trips that we always tell ourselves we will do differently next year.  I know for one have left it late again, the weeks leading up to the holidays just seem to disappear in the blink of an eye.

Then comes the next problem, what do you get someone who has everything!?  My aunt is one of those people and I find it next to impossible to buy for her each year.  I want to make sure that it’s a very nice gift but also thoughtful and something she will really like.  Also she always spoils me, so now that I have a good job and salary I wanted to buy her something very special.  While anything I get will never amount to what she has given me over the years, it’s the gesture and the thought behind it which will make it the perfect gift for her.


So what have I decided to get her? Well I got her a beautiful navy and grey Hermès twilly.  A twilly is like one of the scarves but looks like it has been folded multiple times so that it’s a long thin scarf and can be used in a variety of ways.

I find twilly’s a great invention because as someone in my 20s I find the full scarfs difficult to wear without making myself look years older.  However a twilly is a versatile little thing.  They can be used as a belt, can be wrapped around your wrist to look like a bracelet, can be used like a head band or you can tie it around the handle of your handbag.

7-ways-to-wear-a-hermes-twillyMy favorite way is to tie the twilly onto the handbag because especially in winter when everyone tends to have a dark colored bag, the twilly can really add that pop of color that’s needed.  It also makes the bag look a little more special and unique.

How to fold a scarf to make your own twilly
How to fold a scarf to make your own twilly

I know that the twilly’s from Hermès are expensive , but in fact you don’t need to actually buy a ‘twilly’ per say to achieve the same look. I also have normal size silk scarfs that I fold multiple times to achieve the same thing scarf look.  (See how in the picture above)

IMG_2293Thus if you’re thinking about those last minute gifts, give scarfs and twilly’s a thought.  They are fun, easy, colorful and come in all price ranges to fit every budget.


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