Semi-Annual Shopping Spree: Fall/Winter 13

Color Trends for F/W 2013
Color Trends for F/W 2013

As everyone knows, in fashion there are two main seasons Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.  Each season brings new colors, fabrics, designs, tailoring, styles and trends.  And I am always eagerly waiting to see what the new season will bring with it, and which pieces I will just absolutely fall in love with.  This constant change and movement in the fashion industry is what makes it so exciting and interesting to me.

Dress by C Dior
Dress by Dior

That being said I am not die-hard fashion person in that I am not a trendsetter or anything, but I very much appreciate the beauty of fashion, and the way that when styled the right way, items can take on a whole new dimension and create a completely new look.  I find that fashion can be inspiring, thus to me is something I can appreciate more than I do any of the traditional forms of art.  For example, museums filled with paintings, portraits, sculptures, etc. have never been that thrilling in my opinion.  I find that I simply look at the pieces of art and say, “oh, that’s nice” or “oh, don’t like that”, with little enthusiasm and move on.  I know how bad that may sound however they just don’t ever move me in the way that it does for many people.

Dior dress worn by Charlize Theron in the J'adore commercial.
Dior dress worn by Charlize Theron in the J’adore commercial.

However what I have started to discover recently is that I find pieces of clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc to be works of art in themselves.  I loved going to the Dior exhibition in Harrods (picture above & below), the Valentino exhibition in Somerset House, and the Jewelry Hall in the V&A museum this year.  For me these were fascinating exhibitions, to not only see how the styles have changed through the decades, but also to see up close the detailed intricacy of every item that was painstakingly put together.  Therefore it can clearly be seen that to me they are beautiful works of art.

Anyway I have gone off on a tangent, so back to the real topic of this post, which is my semi-annual major shopping spree.

While I shamefully shop year round (*blush*) I do in fact have one big weekend shopping spree in each of the two main seasons.  By doing this, it’s a great way to fill your closets with some really good seasonal basics, as well as some more fun items of course.  It’s once I have done this major shop that I go on to boost my personal seasonal collection with one off items here and there.  Bonus is that you get the added benefit of some really good retail therapy, which for me right now was well and truly needed. Thus here are some items from my wonderful A/W spree!

ReissDelaney” Coat

Unbeknownst to me I bought the same coat as Kate Middleton wore on a recent charity visit. Wonderful coincidence considering I consider her a style icon!

ReissNatalie Blu” Dress

A fun and flirty party dress for the festive season, and I have to say it makes my legs look amazing!

Top left is Reiss and the rest are J Crew
Top left is Reiss and the rest are J.Crew

Since I wear pants and jeans a lot, I always make sure that I have lots of nice/smart blouses and shirts that are effortless and yet look like you have put in a lot of effort.

Bottom Right is J Crew and the rest are Reiss
Bottom Right is J.Crew and the rest are Reiss

Since it is winter and really cold outside its important to dress warmly. Thus these sweaters are a great way to stay nice and warm yet still pretty and stylish.

Both J Brand
Both J Brand

I wear pants on almost a daily basis, and at work I can’t always wear the crazier colors, so get sick of plain black all the time.  Thus these new pants are great because they are different yet can be used for all kinds of occasions if styled the right way.

Gold: JCrew, Wedge: Uggs, Booties: LK Bennett, and both Flats: Pretty Ballerina
Gold: J.Crew, Wedge: UGG, Booties: LK Bennett, and both Flats: Pretty Ballerinas

And of course what shopping trip is complete without some new shoes.  I made sure to get a nice variety and especially some new boots that look very sophisticated and elegant.


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