Be Yourself

I am getting really bad at actually posting these on Sunday’s but nevertheless I still like to do these types of posts.

photoI am slowly learning the hard way that ones happiness and self-esteem is not determined or dictated by other people, but rather that we ourselves control this.  We can easily let people influence us, which may make us unhappy or give us low confidence, but that’s a choice we are making to let them have that much of an impact on us.

Thus what I have come to realize is that what is most important in life is to be yourself. The TRUE self; not the person who you think you should be in order for people to like you or to fit in with a certain group.  If you did this you would be putting on an act and a mask, which is never going to be sustainable in the long run and becomes extremely tiring.  However by being your true self, you will feel happier and more secure in who you are.

Therefore just be yourself!  Enjoy what you like, hate what you want, express your opinions, and stand up for yourself and the people you care about.  Stop letting other people’s judgment control you and your confidence.  Thing is, like the quote says, just be yourself because there will always people who don’t like you anyway, and these are then the people you don’t even want in your life. If the people around you cannot accept you for who you are, the positives and the negatives, then maybe they shouldn’t be a part of your life to begin with (yes I know, easier said than done!).

I myself have really started to live my life this way.  I have been making a huge effort to not apologize for what I like, enjoy or do.  If someone wants to be a part of my life then they have to accept me as I am because I won’t be changing or be putting on an act/mask just to please others.  I have finally found the confidence in my convictions and interests. I know some people will not like me for it, but that just helps weed out the few people who do like me for me.  In the end of the day those are the ones I want to be surrounded by.


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