Removing Someone From Your Heart

As another year comes to a close, its time to reflect on everything that one has experienced over the year and the people you have met, loved, lost and kept.  Having spent time lately doing exactly this reflection, all I can say is that I for one am so thankful this year is finally over.

Many people had an absolutely wonderful year in 2013, which is fantastic and I am thrilled for you.  However, for those of you, like me, who got dealt the ‘unlucky 13’ hand then you will be so ready to say goodbye to the year 2013.

So what made this year worse than previous ones?  Well suffice it to say I am amazed how much heartache and pain there can be in one year.  The kind I am referring to is in regards to relationships: friends, family, those ones who were something more, and those who just decided to cut you out of their life without rhyme or reason. Thus going into 2014 I am ready to leave all that pain and drama behind, so that I can make room for some wonderful things to finally happen.


Having said that, this quote above is one of the single most challenging aspects of moving on: how to remove someone from your heart.  There have been times when I have felt like my heart has been broken over and over again this year by numerous people for various different things.  And I know that in order for me to move on, I need to learn to forget about them and stop letting them control my heart.

Unfortunately there is no easy solution on how to do this and the only common advice I have heard is just giving it time.  Eventually so much time will pass that your heart will ache less and less, and you will think about these people less with each passing day.  That process is not pleasant by any means, but a necessary evil in order to move on, repair your heart so that it’s able to let new people in in the future.

However, I believe there will always be a little scar on your heart, one for each of the of people in your life that you loved and lost.  However maybe these scars are not something to fear, but rather signs that you have lived through these experiences and have come out for the better and much stronger & wiser. Thus I guess, even though you’re removing people from your heart in the day to day sense, a tiny piece of them will always be left, etched into your heart to remind you of the good memories you once had. These experiences and memories are what make up a full and enriched life.


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