A Happy New Year

Firstly… Happy New Year! I hope that 2014 is great year full of exciting times and new experiences!

With the whirlwind of 2013 now over, the start of 2014 has been one of the best starts to a new year that I have ever had. It was one of those hard to describe moments, where in an instant it felt like everything changed, and for the better.  I just remember that when the countdown ended, it felt like a massive weight was suddenly lifted off me and I just became so much happier than I had been in many months.  In that instant, I left the past in the past and looked forward to the most exciting year of my life.  I suddenly let go of all the pain, the heartache, the people who didn’t deserve to be in my life, the tough times, and the negativity. I remember just looking around and seeing the world from a new perspective, and then of course partied the night away.

Even since new year’s eve, this new found lightness has stayed with me and it’s been wonderful not to be dragging everything around with me anymore. I am starting to truly enjoy life again, and am in a good and happy place, which is why I absolutely love this quote since it’s just very cheerful.


A smile is a powerful thing, and is a wonderful tool women have in their arsenal.  A smile can make a bad day good, a smile can warm your heart, a smile can change your mood, and a smile can just simply brighten your day.  Thus as a woman, having a smile on our face can be our most powerful tool and the best accessory to have.

As for sequins, need I say more?  Every woman or girl, no matter how old, loves a bit of sparkle and lucky for us, fashion does too.  Day or night, sequins are always appropriate and will add that little something special to any outfit you are wearing. As long as its balanced with other more simple items, a little sparkle always works.

And it’s true, there are just days that require champagne.  These can be good or bad days, but either way on those days having a glass or two of champagne will quickly make the world a better place. Holding a glass of champagne in your hand can make you feel so sophisticated and confident, and who doesn’t want that? And here is a bonus quote for this week, which is along the same lines, spoken by the iconic and wise Coco Chanel, who in my opinion got it spot on!

coco chanel champagne quoteP.S. Since I am getting really bad at making sure I post every Sunday and because I sometimes don’t have the inspiration about what to write about until midweek, I have decided to call these pieces Weekly Wisdom instead.


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