Color Pairing

As I have previously mentioned I have a love for color (find post here) and this definitely translates into my fashion choices.  I like to make sure that in some form I have at least a little bit of color on me every day.  Color makes people smile and different colors can bring out different moods or feelings in yourself and other people.  For example baby pink may make you feel really feminine and girly, red may make you feel daring and sexy, and yellow or orange can make you feel happy and fun-loving.  When you think about it, color can be a powerful thing and can instantly change how you feel.

But when it comes to fashion, especially if you want to wear more than color at a time there is sometimes the problem of knowing which colors you can pair together and not endure a fashion faux-pas moment.  Some people find this really easy and some people really struggle with this, especially since depending on the season and the current fashion trends it changes so frequently. It does take practice to know how to pair items correctly but one has to start somewhere.

Thus while I was flipping through the January edition of InStyle magazine I came across this little booklet called “What to Wear with Every Color” and it’s brilliant!  It gives you pairing ideas and even lets you know which color is the one to try if you are feeling bold that day.

Take a look at the images below to see how you can pair your favorite Spring 2014 colors together, and then go have fun trying them out!

Poppy & MandarinCoral & ShellMarigold & MaizeCanary & Lemon ChiffonEcru & CeleryChartreuse & MintJade & Kelly GreenOlive & TobaccoRaisin & MidnightAzure & CornflowerTurquoise & Ice BlueViolet & LilacClaret & Hot PinkBlush & Pale PinkDove & Charcoal


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