Luxemburgerli window on the Bahnhofstrasse
Luxemburgerli window on the Bahnhofstrasse

While on my trip to Zurich I made the wonderful discovery of the Swiss version of the famous Parisian macaron, which are Luxemburgerli.  This is a sub brand of the famous Swiss chocolatiers Spruengli, who have created the mini macaron, which is now iconic to the town of Zurich.  Unlike typical Parisian macarons, these Luxembugerli’s can only be found in their stores, which in a way makes them quite special and rare.

The Pretty Luxemburgerli Box
The Pretty Luxemburgerli Box

I fell in love with macarons years ago when I lived in Paris, because they are a great little treat you can have without feeling too indulgent.  And these mini macarons are just as good, and in fact I like how cute they are because they are smaller.

Champagne Gold Luxemburgerli
Champagne Gold Luxemburgerli
Lemon Luxemburgerli
Lemon Luxemburgerli

Not only are they smaller than their Parisian counterparts, but are filled with a buttercream, thus a creamier filling.  However they are just as delicious and the colors are also those pretty and delicate pastels that make macarons so appealing to me and millions of people.  Here is a image showing the difference between the French macaron and the Luxemburgerli macaron.

Luxemburgerli vs French MacaronThere are 8 flavors currently available, which are beautifully stacked and on display in the store windows to entice people in. (Pictures seen below) The only thing I would have to say is that I wish they offered a larger selection of flavors because these mini macarons are so yummy!

CaramelChampagne DeluxeChampagne DeluxePistachioPistachioCoffee-CoconutCoffee-CocountChampagne GoldChampagne GoldChocolateChocolateLemonLemonVanillaVanillaHazelnut & RaspberryHazelnut & Raspberry

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