Blue Swirled Cupcakes


This week I decided to bake one last time for my colleagues, to thank them for all that they did for me during my time at the company.  Typical me, I didn’t want to make just plain ordinary cupcakes with sprinkles, even though they are still a classic.  I however wanted to make something more special and unique, and something they probably had never seen before.

Swirls 4

That is why I decided to use a technique I saw on Pinterest, where you place stripes of food dye in the icing bag by the tip before adding the white frosting.  When you squeeze the frosting through, this beautiful multi-toned color effect occurs.  I used just blue for these ones because blue and white are the company colors, but like the image I found on Pinterest (below) you can use a multitude of colors and create so many different combinations.

Image from
Image from

This technique is so fun to do because each cupcake will be slightly unique due to the fact that the amount of food coloring slowly fades.  So the first ones are really dark and the last are very light, yet still as beautiful!

light swirls

Give it a try and play around with different colours, as well as try different patterns and icing tips.  I definitely am going to! Make your cupcakes a little more interesting and bring a smile to people’s faces with these fun looking treats.


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