Give, Love, Trust & Listen

I saw this quote the other day and at first I just thought it was just a nice quote, but the more I thought about it and applied it to my own life did I start to realize the true significance of the words and how beautifully it explains how to live your life while still taking care of yourself and your heart.


These four words: Give, Love, Trust, and Listen, while they may sound basic are actually at the root of all relationships and come from the heart.  It is these things that can elevate a simple acquaintance to a more meaningful relationship. However at the same time these are some of the most powerful things in this world and if one is not careful they can cause a lot of pain, which many people may have previously experienced.  I for one sure have, and so of course I have naturally become more cautious. However, despite there being a risk of getting hurt, the positives can outweigh the negatives if you are smart about what you do, like it says above.

So Give, but don’t give to the point where you are just going to get used, taken for granted and are getting nothing in return.  This giving could be emotional, physical or just support and it should be reciprocal in any relationship you have.  Thus while its hard, if you get the feeling like you are being used, take a step back and revaluate whether this person is worth having in your life if they are just taking and not truly appreciating you and what you are giving.

Love is that scares so many people because it’s something that one has very little control over and it can cause us to do things we otherwise wouldn’t.  The problem with loving someone is that you are opening up your heart to that person and making yourself more vulnerable.  And once again that risk is worth it as the feeling of love is such a wonderful and powerful feeling.  However, don’t open your heart to love too quickly and often, be aware and careful since there are so many people in this world who will abuse that love and ultimately your heart.  That said, do love, because is there anything more amazing in life than love?

Trust, something that is difficult to give because you are letting someone into your life and it is something that is so easily and quickly broken.  Everyone will encounter people in their life who will break the trust you gave them, intentionally or not.  This will make you wary of giving it again to someone else, but you have to since one can’t go through life alone.  You will need to trust people around you whom you can turn to for support or just to talk to.  However, like it says above the key thing to remember here is not to be naïve about who you trust and what you confide in people.  If there is someone who you want to trust but they give you a uncomfortable feeling, especially when you think about telling them personal and sensitive information, then don’t be naïve and give them your trust, as that gut feeling is not for nothing.

Finally, Listen. So many people in this world think that they ‘listen’ when in fact they just hear what you say.  Listening is more than just hearing, it is taking what is being said to you, processing and contemplating it, and giving back understanding, support, sympathy, empathy or whatever is applicable to the situation.  It is a skill that can be learnt and if you master it then you can make people feel so comfortable and willing to trust and open up to you.  However, don’t make the mistake of becoming just a listener.  Too easily one can get into this pattern, like I often do, and you forget that you have your own voice and your things that need to be said.  So listen, as it shows people you care, but make sure you get your own chance to be listened to as well, or you run the risk of losing who you are.

All that being said, the key thing to remember is to just be cautious enough to protect yourself and your heart, but not so much that you cut yourself off completely from these 4 things.  They can bring you so much joy in life.  As long as they are reciprocated and you don’t feel used, they can create some of the best and most meaningful relationships you will ever have in life.


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