Poptasi Pastery Macarons

Poptasi LogoMy hunt for macarons is never over, and no matter where I am I will always try and find some of these yummy little colorful treats.  Well I made a great discovery while in Amsterdam recently.  I discovered a pastry shop devoted entirely to macarons in the Pijp by Albert Cuptstraat called Poptasi Pastery

Poptasi Store Front
Poptasi Store Front

Behind this simple storefront you will find a tiny little counter and display, which is full of beautifully colored pastel macarons in a huge variety of flavors.  In fact, on their flavor menu they list 49 set flavors, but they also create new and temporary flavors to try.

Macaron Flavor Menu
Macaron Flavor Menu

Having so many flavors to choose from was a difficult task, but I did love that I could get so many different flavors unlike other macaron places. I finally decided on the following 12 flavors: Mango Twist, Rich Vanilla, Bailey’s, Strawberry, Dulce de Leche, Liquorice, Coconut, Mandarin Szechuan, Chai, Lime Mint, Lychee, and Salty Caramel.

My box of macarons
My box of macarons

I have to admit (and this is hard to say), that the taste and depth of flavor in Poptasi’s macarons is so much stronger and better than Ladurée’s.  The flavors are so intense that for example in the strawberry and the mango twist, you can actually taste the real fruit flavor.  It is so nice that the flavors are not subtle, it’s incredibly satisfying to actually taste the flavors promised in the name of each macron.

Bailey's Macaron
Bailey’s Macaron

That afternoon I did enjoy a few of them with a lovely and warm latte, while sitting in the sun.  Macarons will always make me happy and bring a smile to my face, and I find that they can brighten any of those slow days one may be having.  How can you not feel a better when you eat such colorful and pretty treats?

Open Box of MacaronsSo, if you are ever in Amsterdam go check out the Poptasi Pastery store and pick up some of your own.  And best thing is, they aren’t too expensive either! Thus this is a place I highly recommend for everyone to try, and no wonder it is becoming so popular and well known in the Amsterdam food scene.

Address: Gerard Doustraat 103, 1073 VS Amsterdam, Netherlands


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