Dressing Well

Well its been another crazy week and weekend of traveling, that posts have become a bit delayed, but here is this week’s Weekly Wisdom.

Having spent last weekend at the Vogue Festival and working on the posts about it, it has really got me thinking a lot about fashion, style and presenting yourself to the world through how one dresses and looks. Thus this week’s quote is around this theme, something that is applicable no matter who you are, what career you have and what you do with your days. This quote by Tom Ford is something I wholeheartedly agree with and it’s something I remember every single day when I get dressed in the morning.


How you dress tells the world about you or the character you are being that day. That’s one thing I learnt while at the Vogue Festival, personal style can say so much about you and how your are feeling that day. Having said that though, you can still be stylish in your own way and dress well. That’s the key thing, dressing well.

I have grown up in an environment where in order to show respect, I had to be well dressed and put together nicely. At the time I found that annoying as a child since I couldn’t just wear T-shirts and jeans like my peers, but rather had to wear those colourful and smart smocked dresses. There were many times that I protested, but now that I am older I am thankful to my parents for teaching me the lesson of dressing well as a sign of good manners and of respect to oneself and others.

Therefore I have a strong opinion on this matter. I believe that people should dress well, not a specific style but just presentable and nicely dressed in a way that fits their personality. It shows that someone has respect for himself or herself and that they want to present the best possible version of themselves to the world. When I see someone in dirty and trashed sweatpants and t-shirts I cannot help but think that they don’t care about themselves enough to put in at least a little effort. Looking stylishly dishevelled is one thing but looking messy and unkempt is not good. How can anyone give you respect if you out can’t even respect yourself about how you look.

Thus it is good manners to dress in a way that shows you care about yourself. You should never dress a certain way to just please others, but taking a little time each day to put some thought into how you are going to present yourself shows a lot about how one think of themselves. This respect for oneself is seen by those around and will result in others giving you more respect in return.

So go have fun with your clothes and your wardrobe! It really does feel good to dress well and presentable, and just notice how people will start to treat you differently when you show how you have taken care of and put effort into yourself.


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