VOGUE Festival 2014 – Part 2: Talk 3

A brief overview of the third talk from the Vogue Festival 2014 and the interesting things I learnt.  Enjoy!

Topic: Valentino: King of Glamour

Guest Speakers: Valentino Garavani

Of all the talks I attended during the weekend, the one by Valentino was the one I was most excited about seeing, and he definitely did not disappoint.  He was nothing like I expected, in a positive way, and I was completely lost in his words for the whole hour!  He was just so wonderful and inspiring, and I wish it could have been a longer interview! I found that while he is this world famous designer, who has experienced and done things in his life that most of us will never get a chance to do, he remains extremely humble and down to earth.  Yes he gets to enjoy the benefits of his success but he talked about his love for gardening and how family & friends are so important in his life.  He loves to just spend time with the people he cares about in his tight circle. I was very impressed by this since he hasn’t let everything go to his head and from the way he spoke, you could tell that for those close to him, they have a friend who cares deeply for them.

Talk 3 - King of GlamourHe also spoke a lot about fashion in general, telling us how he loved the styles of the 40s, 60s, 70s and 00s, but hated the 50s styles for being too ‘dolly’ as he called it, and he absolutely despised the 80s, calling the fashion of that decade vulgar. It was cool to hear someone so honest about the decades of fashion he liked and disliked. He also spoke about how he loves to see beautiful women and that when he designs he really thinks carefully about how it will accentuate a woman’s beauty, as this is the most important thing when dressing women.

Valentino also talked about how there is a fine line between dressing nicely or too much, and he advised that women go for the more simple option. He said that the simpler look always ends up looking better and more elegant on the person, and that anything too over the top just detracts from the woman wearing the outfit, and actually ends up making them look worse. This is something that I completely agree with and so was great to hear!

Mr. Valentino Garavani
Mr. Valentino Garavani with Alexandra Shulman

I think what I like most about Valentino after listening to him is that he has this old school mentality that is focused on class, elegance and sophistication. There’s a sense of romanticism to it all and a classic feel to the way he thinks, acts and designs.  I think he truly is one of those designers that can transport you back to another age where glamour and elegance were so prevalent.

Valentino’s final piece of advice to everyone was: ” to believe, to appreciate what life gives you and try to be optimistic and just to be happy.” Wise and moving words from one of the biggest names in the fashion industry and the world!

I have to say that of all the talks, Valentino’s was my favorite. Listening to him talk was mesmerizing and wonderful.  He is one of those people who absolutely loves what he does, believes in it and does it with huge amounts of passion, which is what has made him so successful. I will never forget his talk and the privilege to be in his presence and to listen to his story and words of wisdom. A truly inspiring man and creative genius!

Find link to Vogue’s official review here!


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