VOGUE Festival 2014 – Part 2: Talk 5

A brief overview of the fifth talk from the Vogue Festival 2014 and the interesting things I learnt.  Enjoy!

Topic: Fashion, Beauty and the Digital Revolution

Guest Speakers: Pixie Geldof, Mary Katrantzou, Miroslava Duma, and Nick Knight

Talk 5 - Digital

Miro Duma emphasized how everything in today’s world is becoming digital and that it’s extremely important to realize how much of an impact the digital world has on the fashion industry. She herself has created the company Buro 24/7 which publishes news about fashion globally around the clock.  It is through the digital platforms that she has been able to do this. She also understands how these digital platforms can give a voice to smaller designers, especially from former Soviet Union counties, which is a cause she is extremely passionate about.  This prompted the question from a group from the Philippines that I mentioned in the first post, as they wanted to learn how best to help young talent develop and grow, and Duma’s advise was to utilize the internet and social media platforms to spread the word.  In this day and age, its easier to get ones work out there, so the potential for new up and coming designers is growing.

L-R: Pixie Geldof, Mary Katrantzou, Miroslava Duma, and Nick Knight
L-R: Pixie Geldof, Mary Katrantzou, Miroslava Duma, and Nick Knight

I think that sometimes we forget just how powerful these tools can be and she reminded us all of that. Digital media is a way for brands to grow and interact with their customers and followers. But it’s also useful for those like me who want to become part of the fashion world through blogging, photography, etc.  According to Nick Knight, these platforms also provide us with a place to have proper discussions and debates about fashion in a way that could never have been done before, since it used to be such a closed world.  It’s though the digital revolution that the world of fashion is opening up so that more and more people can be involved and take part in these discussions. Hell just look at what I am doing, right now, it’s because of the digital platforms that I am able to write and post my thoughts on things to do with fashion.

Thus digital media is something that should be embraced by all in the fashion industry, as it’s the way of the future and one doesn’t want to be left behind. I mean even Valentino has Instagram!

Find link to Vogue’s official review here!


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