Vogue Festival 2014 – Part 2: The Talks & Talk 1

Over the course of the two-day festival they offer the ability to attend a total of 10 talks coving a huge variety of topics related to the fashion industry. From style to digital to modeling to designing to career advice. You can pick and choose which talks you want to go to when you are buying the tickets and there were 6 that appealed to me most, so those are the only ones I got tickets to see.

Stage SetupHowever based on this year’s experience I think next year I will buy tickets to more because even if you may not be super interested, you never know what you may learn and what one talk will inspire you more than others. For example the 6th talk I bought tickets to was done last minute as I had some free time and it ended up being one of the best and most relevant ones I saw that weekend. And that had be been a talk I thought I wouldn’t be interested in, and well I couldn’t have been more wrong!

The next few posts are about the talks from the festival, and you will find a brief overview of each of the talks I attended and interesting things I learnt. Enjoy! 

Talk 1

Topic: Personal Style and Do You Have It?

Guest Speakers: Lucinda Chambers, Alexa Chung, and Amanda Harlech

Talk 1This was the first of the weekend and the first I went to and what a powerful way to kick off the festival. These three women have very unique styles that may be different from the norm however the way they wear their styles with such confidence and ease you end up agreeing that they look amazing. My favorite thing was that Amanda Harlech turned up at 9am on a Saturday morning wearing a full black lace Chanel Couture gown with fluffy sleeves and cinched in waist. On anyone else I would have thought it was absurd but I thought she looked fantastic and made me think, why not wear a gown during the day like that, if it works and you feel good. Anyway, I digress; the point of the talk was that style is something personal. It’s what you wear that makes you feel good, comfortable and the character or persona you want to be that day. None of these three women had the conventional style of today, but that didn’t matter since they are celebrated for their uniqueness since they fully embrace it and don’t bow down to societal pressures.

Talk 1 - Personal StyleOne of the key things I took away from this talk is that style and fashion are two completely different things, polar opposites in fact.  The three ladies discussed how fashion is something that is constantly changing and revolves around the concept of “in with the new and out with the old.” Whereas style it is something that is more constant and doesn’t change so frequently.  Someone’s personal style will stay for years, thus clearly the opposite of the way fashion trends work.  Style transcends fashion seasons, fads and trends.  It’s more about taking aspects of what’s happening in fashion that season and making it work for you, your wardrobe and your style.  Style is therefore personalizing fashion.  Fantastic takeaway in my opinion!

In the end they left us with this quote and thought by Yves Saint Laurent: “Fashion fades but style stays”.  And when you think about it, that’s true.  Fashion trends come and go but people’s personal styles can stay the same for years, even decades.  Thus showing the importance of finding your own style that suits you and your lifestyle, and believing in it wholeheartedly…. it will exude the confidence within you and people will notice this!

Find link to Vogue’s official review here!


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