VOGUE Festival 2014 – Part 3: My Outfits

As you can imagine, the Vogue Festival was full of beautifully and smartly (and sometimes strangely) dressed women and men. I knew that when I was packing for my trip to London for the festival I had to take much greater care in planning and packing outfits that would look nice, fresh, pretty and stylish. I wanted to make sure that I presented the best version of myself through my outfits and to show my personal style. I also told myself that if there was any occasion to really make sure you are dressed well, it’s one hosted by VOGUE & Harrods and attended by designers, bloggers, and other influential people in the fashion industry.

Thus here are my two outfits for those two amazing days:

Outfit Day 1

This outfit was simple and very comfortable yet still put together and stylish. Effortlessly chic is how I would describe this look. It’s actually my go to look, which is skinny pants, nice top and nice blazer/ jacket. With the outfit on the day I actually wore some pointy gold pumps by J Crew, but since I don’t have them with me at the moment I paired the outfit in the picture with some nude LK Bennett shoes. Which by the way is one of the most comfortable shoe brands in terms of heels. Kate Middleton wears them a lot for her events, so that says something!

day 1

Navy Top: Zara / Cream Woven Jacket: Zara / Dark Skinny Jeans: J Brand / Nude Shoes: LK Bennett

Outfit Day 2

For the second day I wanted to wear something a little brighter to fit in with spring and also because I love to wear pastel colors. Once again it’s a pretty simple outfit and super comfortable, however because of the lace detail on the top it made it a bit special and different.

Day 2

Baby Blue Lace Top: Zara / Grey Skinny Pants: Zara / Grey Pumps: LK Bennett / Blue Cross-body Bag: Kate Spade

Kate Spade Bag

I have found that one doesn’t have to be too complicated with what they wear and that sometimes. like Valentino said, simpler is actually better and classier. It was a pretty outfit and got lots of compliments as it really brought out the color in my eyes, so definitely will be wearing this color a lot during Spring and Summer!

VOGUE Sweatshirt

As I said in the first post, I did buy something at the VOGUE shop, and it was this light grey sweatshirt that has the logo on it and the festival logo on the bottom left.

Vogue Sweatshirt

To create a cute casual outfit for spring/summer with this sweatshirt I would pair it with a pair of boyfriend jeans or ripped shorts, with white pointed pumps. It’s perfect for those days, especially on the weekend, when you just don’t want to dress up too much yet still want to look nice and put together.


Anyway, I had fun preparing and styling my outfits for the weekend, and I felt confident and good in them. They worked perfectly for the festival and I will say that taking the time and making the effort it made it all more special!


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