Easter Bark

As it is Easter on Sunday and I will be spending it at my Aunt and Uncles house with the rest of my family, I was trying to think of something festive that I could bring as a gift.  Since I have to travel via airplane, I had to think of something that travels well and will make it there in tact.  Thus I turned to the tried and tested chocolate bark again!Easter Bark

I made chocolate bark previously as a gift for my grandmother’s birthday and you can find the detailed post on how to make it here. However for Easter I have tweaked the recipe and decided to use white chocolate instead of dark. I also switched out the nuts and dried fruit for jellybeans, Smarties and mini marshmallows.


I think it has turned out really well and looks very colorful and bright which is perfect for Easter and spring.  I have already tried a little, and wow does it taste good!  And what I love is the mix of textures you get from the melt in your mouth chocolate, the light marshmallows, the chewy jellybeans and the crunch from the Smarties

Bark in Tray

Trust me, these chocolate barks are the easiest and most effective gifts.  And as I said in the previous post, have fun playing around with different toppings and flavor combinations!

Broken Bark

Happy Easter! 


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