Dreams Make Life Interesting

As a child we are taught to be creative, imaginative and to dream. Things like Disney movies only enhanced this tendency, and in a way instilling in us that dreams can and do come true. Unfortunately as we get older and grow up, life shows us something different. Things aren’t as easy as just being able to dreaming things up and having them happen.  It will take a lot of hard work and dedication, as well as a lot of disappointment. And for many people their dreams will never come true no matter what they do, due to so many different reasons.  However, there are people for which their dreams do come true and this is the key thing to remember.

Dreams Make Life InterestingIt is still so important to continue dreaming and having dreams in your adult life, because as the quote says, it’s the possibility of these dreams coming true that keeps life interesting and exciting.  And because you don’t know when, if or how, it leaves you an exciting state with optimism for what the future could hold.

Plus by continuing to have dreams, it means that you will be more motivated to do what you can to archive them and work hard to fulfil that dream.  Obviously you have to think about which dreams are realistic and which aren’t, for example not everyone can be a F1 racing driver and not every girl can marry a prince. But more realistic dreams like starting your own business, achieving a certain position in a company or gaining a specific certification are much more possible.  All will require time and effort but it’s the dream of getting there that will keep you going!

You never know what will happen in the future but the excitement of the possibility of your dream coming true really does make life that much more interesting! So don’t stop dreaming! There’s still to many possibilities still out there!


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