Fortnum & Mason Travel Journal

As you can probably tell by now I travel a lot. It’s a huge part of my life and always has been. I mean I did my first trans-Atlantic flight when I was 6 weeks old! Now-a-days if I go too long between trips I really start to miss airports, although sometimes I do travel too much in a short timeframe that I become sick of them again, but not for long!

Journal & Box

With all the traveling and amazing places I get to see, I wanted a way to keep track of the things I do and the memorable places I go, such as stores, restaurants, and sites. So when I saw this beautiful travel journal at Fortnum and Mason in London, I knew it would be perfect for me. It is part of a series of journals done by Fortnum and Mason which I love as they seem to elevate a simple journal to the next level and makes it feel a little more luxurious.

Book & Box Side View

I love how it’s made from pastel teal soft leather with gold on the edges of pages and the gold embossed lettering on the cover. Inside it has space to write about each of your travels and with guiding categories so that there’s nothing you forget to note down.

Journal Pages

Also the book has pages with important travel information such as time zones, currencies, maps, country phone codes, weather, and measurement conversions.

Table of Contents

Map Page

Weight Measurement Page

Weather Page

I may not be the best at keeping mine up to date but I am slowly working on it, as if nothing it will be a great keepsake of all the places I have ever visited. Plus it’s simply a really pretty and chic book to take on my travels around the world!

Back Cover


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