Tiffany & Co. Infinity Bracelet


When one sees a light teal box tied beautifully with a white ribbon, it can only mean one thing, Tiffany & Co. I think there is nothing more iconic than that Tiffany blue and what it represents to women (and men) of all ages around the globe. In my opinion, Tiffany & Co is most famous for two things, their silver and their engagement rings.

Wrapped Box

I first got introduced to their jewellery when I was younger, when I received one of those famous silver charm bracelets as a gift. Girls all over North America were going crazy for these linked bracelets that were so popular. I quickly learnt that Tiffany & Co. were a company to turn to for good quality silver pieces.


As for the engagement rings, I first became aware of this side of their business after watching the movie Sweet Home Alabama starring Reese Witherspoon. In the beginning there is a scene were the character played by Patrick Dempsy takes Reese’s character to the Tiffany store after hours in New York in order to propose. As he is about to pop the question all the displays suddenly light up and the assistances start pulling these stunning rings from the cabinets. It was such a magical, romantic and dream-like moment that would make any woman weak at the knees.


So many movies, such as Bride Wars or Miracle on 34th Street, have used the iconic blue box, since while the contents of the box remain unseen initially, it still elicits excitement in the receiver, since they know what’s coming.

Tiffany & Co. Holiday Advertisement

Anyway, suffice it to say, I have come to love these blue boxes and the beautiful treasures hidden inside. Since that first bracelet when I was younger, I have received a few other pieces from Tiffany & Co, mainly charms and bracelets.

Open Box

The latest of which is a simple silver bracelet from their Tiffany Infinity line. It is one of those bracelets that I wear daily because it’s subtle, delicate, and feminine. It goes with everything and gives any outfit a little touch of elegance and sophistication.

Silver Tiffany Infinity Bracelet
Silver Tiffany Infinity Bracelet

While over the top, costume jewelry is very popular these days; I still believe that it’s important for people to own pieces that are understated yet still elegant. Thus, I don’t think anyone can go wrong with a piece of jewelry like this. In a way it’s rather timeless and wears really well, and since it’s made from silver, you definitely feel like you can wear it anytime anywhere. And when you wear it, while I know it’s the infinity sign, it also somewhat resembles a delicate bow, which gives it that touch of femininity.


But no matter what you get from Tiffany & Co., that Tiffany blue box with white ribbon always brings that excited feeling because you know it contains something wonderful inside!


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