Never Underestimate the Power of Small Gestures

Life is this big messy thing, sometimes it can be overwhelming at times to stop and think about everything in the past, present and future. We all are guilty at some point or another of stressing over those big end goals many years away, and about how we want the summary of our life to look at the end. However we then forget that ones’ life is actually made up of millions of small moments.

These small moments are those stated below in the quote. That friendly smile that says the world can be an ok place and that one is not alone; that simple touch; those kind words you could say; a simple yet genuine compliment; or just taking the time to quietly listen.


These small acts really can be the most powerful things, and can really make someone’s day or even life so much better.  It will make them feel less alone, and that they are a part of something bigger, which can be very comforting. I know from experience how amazing it can make you feel when you receive one of these acts of kindness or caring from someone you know, or maybe don’t even know.

And when you think about it, many memories in your life will have had some elements of these acts present. In fact sometimes these gestures are what make you remember that moment over others. And I completely agree with what Buscaglia says, that we really underestimate how much of an impact these small gestures can have on another person and ourselves.  Anyone who doesn’t receive these gestures frequently or often enough knows what its like to miss that in their life.  It creates an emptiness that can only be filled by one of these acts.  Too often these days we get wrapped up in our own life, which is completely normal and to be expected in a way.  However taking that minuscule amount of time and effort to show someone you care is extremely important too.

Thus, go make someone’s day/week/month/etc., and do one of these gestures.  Trust me, it will be so appreciated and could mean the world to them.  You may not receive immediate gratitude or thanks, but know that you have possibly impacted their day/week/life in some positive way.  In today’s world showing that you care or thinking of others is sometimes undervalued, yet it’s the one thing that if we can change (even just ourselves), will have a huge impact on someone else.  Sometimes bigger than you will ever know or realise, and that is quite a powerful thing!


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