Praying for Strength

I think everyone goes through those times where they wish that life would just be easier and not so difficult all the time. And if for some reason you have never experienced this thought at least once in your life then my god you are the luckiest person ever and I hope you never do. However, being realistic, we all have at some point or another.

That’s why this quote actually is such a good one, as it turns that negative thought on its head and gives it a whole new perspective.20140530-224731-82051039.jpg

I have learnt the hard way that life definitely is not easy and never will be, there will be good times but there will also be many times and things that will test your resilience and your strength. And to be honest, lately I have been praying more and more often for the strength to be able to cope with everything I am facing.

Strength is something so complex I find. It’s much more than a physical strength which is something you can improve through training and working out. But mental and emotional strength is so much harder to get and to build up. Also there’s a fine balance, since if someone has too much strength it tends to harden their heart and make them much more closed off to the world. On the other hand, not enough strength means that you won’t be able to handle what life throws at you and you will end up being completely overwhelmed. Neither of which are good.
That being said, strength is not something that comes easily. I know from experience that in order to get the strength to handle certain situations it can suck you dry of all your energy. That’s why I choose to wish, not for it all to get easier, but for the strength to be able to handle it all, and to still be ok at the end. I want to enjoy life and not be struggling to keep up.

So I pray and hope for strength, because at the end of the day that’s one of the most important things to have in your life. Life is never going to get or be easier, in fact its just going to get harder, so find little things in life that can help increase and build up that strength one will need to handle the more challenging things. For me it can be as simple as a nice drink or some macarons or candy that can give me the boost and strength to tackle the more difficult things I have to face that day. So find yours, because trust me, it’s the little things that develop the strength to face the bigger things.

Just don’t give up!


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