GreenHopping App

I swear I have a gift for finding some of the coolest things, products and places on the internet, and I am going to start sharing these finds because I believe that more people should know about them.

Well the latest discovery I am really excited about was this app called GreenHopping. GreenHopping only began last year (2013) in NYC, and is therefore barely a year old, but is very quickly gaining momentum and continuously growing. It was founded by a couple, Catherine Cuello and Alfred Fuente (click here to read their story).

9abdaef210d47a9046bc09742c536053-2What makes this app so unique from others is that its sole purpose it to help you locate the closet green juice and plant-based foods to you. How brilliant is that?!

As you may have sussed from a couple posts ago I am really into my green and cold pressed juices, and in fact I have been generally becoming more health conscious. Having discovered over 2 years ago that I was gluten intolerant with minor dairy & soy intolerances as well, I started to really pay attention to what I was eating and drinking. I learnt how to really listen to my body and know when something is right and when it isn’t, especially after eating certain foods. From this I have discovered that eating clean, green, and raw foods do make me feel so much better.

Screen Shot It’s super easy to use and has all the places I like to go in London plus some that I had not yet discovered, but definiyely will. At the moment it is available in New York City, Jersey City, Hoboken, The Hamptons, Long Island, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Dallas, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C., Miami and of course London. But they have many more international cities about to launch including: Toronto, Vancouver, Paris, Madrid, Geneva, Zurich, and Amsterdam.

According to their website: GreenHopping seeks to facilitate access to healthy plant-based eateries by placing all vegan, raw, gluten-free and vegetarian restaurants, as well as green juice bars, cold-pressed juice bars, green smoothie bars and health food stores that offer these beverages on an electronic map for consumers to locate via a GPS mobile application or the Internet. 

Map and Place info
Map and Place info

There is a map that shows the locations, and for each place you can get more info about them and also the menu. They also have created symbols so that you can easily recognize what each place offers, especially if you are looking for something specific like vegan food.

Symbols they use
Symbols they use

The reason I love this app is because it just makes my life so much easier and cuts down on the amount of time trying to find places that cater to my dietary needs. And it’s especially useful when travelling to other cities they cover as it means I always have a trusted source for where to go to get my green juice!

So visit their website, Facebook, twitter or Instagram. I highly recommend you download the app yourself; it is free, so go start your green juice and healthy adventures today!


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