A Blessing and a Curse

Its time again to bring back the weekly quotes, and this is one I could relate to completely, as I am sure many of you will as well.

5080653cb017630255e53ba51138ade9I could not agree more with the quote this week because being able to feel everything so deeply is definitely a blessing but also a curse. Not everyone may experience this but if you are someone like me, who takes things to heart for better or worse, the feelings are strong. It comes down to caring, how much you are about everything will determine how deeply you feel about it.

It means that when there is joy and true happiness it is electrifying and will give you so much energy you never thought possible. In those moments you feel lighter and like you are unstoppable. On the other hand it also means that you feel pain that much more. Things that others may be able to brush off easily, you may not be able to do so because you care much more about it and it will affect you on a much deeper level.

While the more painful moments are tough, I do think that it’s something worth dealing with because in my opinion at least, I think its better to feel very deeply than not at all.   Yes sometimes it can be a burden, but it can also bring about great passion and love, and can help develop some very strong relationships.

The only word of warning is to not let people abuse this fact about you, as some people in this world will use how much you care and feel to their own advantage. Thus always keep an eye out for these ones, but don’t let them stop you feeling those deep feelings, for better or for worse, because they are what will help you grow and become a stronger person in yourself.


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