The Sweet Stall at Italian Market

StallDuring my holiday’s in Italy this summer, we discovered that there was a traditional market in the city centre. This was great because we could get some fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses to make some delicious fresh Italian food! At the market I stumbled upon the sweet stall, and despite it being miserable rainy weather, my mood was instantly lifted. As a self-proclaimed candy lover, this stall just looked like a sugary heaven, and I just couldn’t resist not buy some! There were blues, pinks, reds, greens, blacks, browns, caramels, whites, yellows, oranges and purples…an edible rainbow! The sweets were so bright, colorful, and instantly made you feel like a kid again. It was a great little holiday treat, because after all, holidays are supposed to be filled with things that make your happy, and lots of special treats! Here are the pictures of the stall and the selection I chose! Stall candy Candy 2 Candy 4

My selection of sweets!
My selection of sweets!

Stall 1



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