Welcome 2015!

Happy New Year everyone!

I have been absolutely horrible about posting over the last few months. Life got exciting, chaotic and overwhelming all at the same time, and I barely had time to sleep and eat! Thus when Christmas holidays came around, I knew I needed to take a break and rest, especially since I managed to break my ribs right before Christmas. So due to not being able to move or do much, I finally got the mental & physical rest I needed. But now, I’m going to try and be better at creating content, for the simple reason that I do enjoy it.


But WOW…2015 has come fast and furious, and promises as ever to be a year filled with ups & downs, memories and lots of exciting things. It’s a mental fresh start where you can reassess how you are living your life and how you may want to change it or not. That’s how I see it anyway. It’s not necessarily new year resolutions, because we all know how long those actually last, and come December you never actually remember what they were in the first place. But nevertheless it’s an opportunity to start afresh and get some reflection on the past year and perspective on the year ahead.

While I have not the faintest idea what is going to happen this year (which is both scary and exciting), I’m trying to have faith that it will be good one. That’s why I love this quote and thought it was the best one to be my first post of the new year.

It can be applied to all parts of ones life, and is a much better and nicer way of thinking about the future and the unknown.


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