Homemade Green Juice

If you follow me on Instagram & Twitter, or you have seen my previous posts about Cold-Pressed Juices in London, you will know by now that I love green juices. That is why for my birthday last year I got a cold-pressed juicer all of my own. Due to my insane schedule for the last few months of last year I never got a chance to try it out. My mum has used hers a lot at home so I know what it can produce, so finally… I have made my own green juice.

What was the most fun about it was that I could pick and choose the ingredients that went in the juice. I could put in things I love, such as papaya, but also leave out what I dislike, such as ginger. I know I know ginger is a good food to incorporate due to how many health benefits it has, but I just find it too spicy and I just don’t enjoy the green juices that contain it.

Anyway I wanted to share what I included in my first juice, which I have to say was delicious!


Contains: Apple, Cucumber, Papaya, Kale, Mango & Spinach

I have added Bee Pollen to the top because bee pollen is full of amazing health benefits but also I find it gives you little bursts of crunchy sweetness as you drink the juice.


My mom taught me an amazing trick once you have pressed all the vegetables. I struggle to drink the amount of water that I need to daily, and it’s a goal of mine to increase this. To make it easier, since I find drinking plain water all the time very boring, my mum told me to pour a bottle of water through the juicer into a new container. May sound odd but what you are left with is water that tastes slightly like the juice you made. So this time around it had a lovely sweet cucumber taste. It is something I do every time now and so I always have a bottle of flavored water to drink, which is a nice change.

(Bonus, it helps to start the cleaning process of the juicer!)


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