Happy Easter!

Firstly let me wish everyone a very Happy Easter! 🐰🐣💐

I hope you are with friends and family surrounded by lots of Easter goodies & of course chocolate!


This year it feels strange because I am not with my family but rather I am on my adventure in Dubai. And while they don’t officially celebrate it as a holiday here, there are Easter things everywhere! So I bought some eggs and a chocolate Lindt bunny to decorate my hotel room a bit and make it more festive.

Just because I am traveling doesn’t mean that I wont still find little and fun ways to make wherever I am festive. I think that this comes from my time living in North America where they make a big deal out of all holidays big or small and they do lots of cute and creative things. So I try to bring enthusiasm for holidays with me wherever I go. Although this year I wasn’t able to bake any Easter treats, but for next year I now have loads of ideas thanks to Pinterest.

Easter Outfit

As for my outfit today, I decided to get dressed up a bit and since it is over 35 degrees celsius in Dubai I put on my French Connection silk playsuit which feels super light and airy; perfect for this heat. It’s also kind of festive because it reminds me of spring with the pastel colours and poppy’s. I paired it with my white Kurt Geiger pumps and my white Furla tote. Pretty cute easter day outfit if I say so myself!

 Hope you all had a wonderful day!


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