My life goal…

Another monday has rolled around and I am sure that many people are feeling that monday feeling!  So I thought what better way to kickstart the week in the right way than to pick a motivating quote to inspire me for the week.

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that this weekend I spent 3 days attending the Fashion Forward Season 5 event in Dubai.  It was an amazing experience with some of the most beautiful fashion and collections that I have ever seen!  Gown upon gown, clothes all colours of the rainbow, with the most exquisite beading, crystals, and embroidery.  I was in absolute heaven! In total I saw 19 fashion shows and man was I inspired!!  But more on this event later as I will do a recap of each day on the blog later this week once I have sorted through the thousands of photos I took!


So the quote (above) that I chose for this week really hits home for me at the moment because I am coming close to the end of my exploration phase to discover what I want to do with my career and where my passion lies.  I have spent the last year and a half doing a lot of soul-searching and trying different things.  I have discovered what my hobbies are and what things I would like to pursue career wise.  It hasn’t always been easy and there were a lot of bumps along the way, however I am coming to a stage of clarity like I have never had before.

That is why this quote means so much to me, since I want to do something in life that I truly enjoy doing & where I look forward to it rather than count down the days until the next vacation.  I’m not naive, I know there is no perfect job or that everything will always be great, but I want to do something where there are a lot more good days than bad.

Thus after an amazing fashion filled weekend and a reinvigorated drive to pursue what I love and am actually interested in, I am more determined than ever to work hard to reach that goal.  And this is much easier now that I know what I am working towards and can visualise the life I want.

My goal is clear, so now comes the hard work and determination to achieve it, and I am excited about it.  The future is young, bright and wonderfully unknown!


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  1. I love this quote too 🙂 I also don’t understand why a lot of people don’t get that this is indeed a possibility and not just an unreachable dream. I realized that I love travel and now I want to create a permanent job out of this information and therefore create a permanent vacation. 🙂

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