Fashion Forward Season 5 Dubai – Day 1

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend one of the biggest fashion events in Dubai, Fashion Forward Season 5. Fashion Forward (FFWD) is a biannual (April & October) event where designers from the Middle East can showcase their new collections to buyers, press, bloggers and the public. It is basically like a Dubai Fashion Week. Its become a fantastic way for smaller designers especially to get more recognition and attention in the fashion industry which is one of the toughest industries to break into in the world. The people who attend come from all over the world and so the designers’ collections can very quickly go global. I was from London of course, but I saw bloggers from Australia, South Africa, Egypt, America and France. Even the infamous American-French fashion blogger Diane Pernet was there.

So the first day of the even quickly rolled around. It is a 3-day event, which includes a number of catwalk shows, fashion presentations, industry talks and parties. I attended as much as I could, although unfortunately due to the fact that the after-parties were VIP I wasn’t able to attend those. Although probably for the better as I was exhausted after each day and lets just say that wearing heels all day while walking around is definitely not easy!

The first catwalk show I attended was by the Manila- born designer Ezra. Now I have to admit that I hadn’t heard of almost all the designers before I came to this event, however Ezra was one I have heard of vaguely before, so knew it was one of the big shows of the weekend. And all I can say was WOW! The clothes were absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous! The silhouettes, the colours, the intricate details & beading, and the fabrics he chose all combined together to create dresses and gowns that were straight out of a fairytale. I can imagine that wearing one of his stunning pieces would make anyone feel like a princess with the blush pink hues of the Cinderella ball gowns I swear, his pieces belonged on the Haute Couture runway of Paris they were that good. This collection was called the Clara Collection and here are a couple of my favourite ones from the show.

547550847AG044_Ezra_Runway_547550847AG024_Ezra_Runway_547550847AG014_Ezra_Runway_547550847AG027_Ezra_Runway_547550847AG023_Ezra_Runway_547550847AG040_Ezra_Runway_547550847AG006_Ezra_Runway_547550847AG008_Ezra_Runway_Ezra - Bride547550847AG003_Ezra_Runway_(All photos courtesy of Getty Images)

(To see the whole collection click here)

One of my favorite parts of the whole weekend was Ezra’s beautifully choreographed final walk, which had the girls in the large gowns fall elegantly to the floor and lay there while the other looks did the walk. Then a well-known male model Sebastian Sauve entered the catwalk and walked to the end, and then he proceeded to pick up each girl up one by one in the most graceful & movie-like way. It was beautiful!

547550847AG046_Ezra_Runway_(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

The second and final show that evening was by The Emperor 1688 whose luxury menswear & womenswear collections are designed by the three Golkar brothers. The UAE based brand is quickly becoming a globally recognised label and becoming popular with celebrities. This was their first womenswear only collection they have shown. Their collection was definitely more RTW than Ezra but still some beautiful pieces I would love to own! They had a lot of elegant and feminine dresses, coats and furs, all in a beautiful color palette of Navy, white, cream, grey and black. I loved their use of the A-line silhouettes and the luxurious & warm looking fabric, which would be perfect for the cold winters in Europe. The collection had a very Parisian chic feel to it that made it even more appealing! Here are a few of my favorite looks.

547551191AG002_The_Emperor_ 547551191AG049_The_Emperor_ 547551191AG048_The_Emperor_ 547551191AG045_The_Emperor_ 547551191AG041_The_Emperor_ 547551191AG032_The_Emperor_ 547551191AG030_The_Emperor_ 547551191AG028_The_Emperor_

(All photos courtesy of Getty Images)

(To see the whole collection click here)

Stay tuned for my recap of Day 2 of Fashion Forward Season 5!


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